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TogetherWe campaign | Global Awareness Week 13-19 Oct 2022

A toolkit has been developed for all Caritas Member Organisations and groups to actively participate in this year’s Global Awareness Week on integral ecology, within the framework of Caritas Internationalis’ global “Together We” campaign.

From the links you will be able to download guidance documents about the initiative that will run from 13 to 19 October 2022, including information on the overall objective, suggested common gesture and concluding event scheduled on 19th October 2022 – and how to play an active role in it.

This toolkit is complemented by social media resources, namely a promotional video and social media banners. A pastoral reflection, a social media calendar and infographics on Caritas’ ‘communities of care’ will be uploaded as soon as these become available in English, French and Spanish.

Please share any community experiences of integral ecology, which will feature in a ‘living’ digital map on Further notification will follow as soon as any new resources are ready for wider adoption and spread.

Thank you for your continued support.
– Caritas Internationalis

Economy of Francesco | 22 – 24 Sept 2022

Some of you may have heard of the Economy of Francesco – where Pope Francis has asked young people / social entrepreneurs / economists to come together 22 – 24 Sept 2022 at Assisi – to think of how to give back a soul to the economy, to place fraternity at the centre of the economy.

They also have an online school, etc.

There is also an award to encourage and support new initiatives. You can read / listen you tube on this year’s winners from the Philippines at

Enjoy browsing !

A report on the month-long Caritas Celebrates Women initiative held in March 2022


A report on the month-long Caritas Celebrates Women initiative held in March 2022

 We share with you the report of the interventions given during the webinar series for the month-long Caritas Celebrates Women initiative which was held during March 2022 in order to raise the visibility and voices of women, and build dialogue on the promotion of women’s leadership, equality and participation in the Confederation and in society.

The initiative was promoted by the CI General Secretariat in cooperation with the Committee for Women’s Leadership, Equality and Participation and involved Member Organisations across all seven Regions.

Thank you for your support and collaboration which helped to make this initiative a real success which has given our Confederation momentum in its work to support women’s empowerment and leadership.

Please feel free to share this report and the abstracts across your regions, organisations and with others who might be interested.

Click to download the PDF Report

Please remember the deceased Caritas workers and their families in your prayers and Masses

During this month of August, we learned through two different communiqués that Caritas Internationalis network lost two of its colleagues. Mr. Henry Loro, a collaborator of Caritas Switzerland who was killed in Ikwoto county in South Sudan, and Mr. Eric Alain Kamdem, director of the Gao Migrant Center who died in a road accident in Niger.

On the afternoon of August 9, 2022, a convoy consisting of two Caritas Switzerland vehicles with a total of six Caritas Switzerland staff members and a photographer, was on its way back from Hafialre to Ikwoto. At approximately 5:45 p.m. local time, an armed robbery occurred against the vehicles. Reportedly, one local community member was shot dead, and the Caritas Switzerland staff and the photographer fled to security into the surrounding bush. Some of the staff were taken up by local authorities during the evening and night and brought to safety. Others walked their way back to Ikwoto. Henry Loro was found dead by the police in the early morning hours.

Yesterday Caritas Internationalis was informed of the death of Mr. Eric Alain Kamdem, director of the Gao Migrant Center in a road accident that happened on the 18 of August not far from Diffa, Niger. Mr. Kamdem has been working with Caritas Mali in the diocese of Mopti and was the director of  “La maison du migrants de Gao”. Ismaël Isaac Pangoup, the Finance and administrative assistant who was travelling with Mr. Kamdem, was injured.

On behalf of the President, H.E Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle and on behalf of our Confederation, I present my sincere condolences and prayers to the members of the family and to Caritas South Sudan and Caritas Mali. 

May the Lord grand them eternal rest and courage to the families to live this moment of trial in faith. We also wish quick recovery for the those who have been wounded.

Aloysius John
Secretary General
Caritas Internationalis
Palazzo San Calisto – 00120 Vatican City

Caritas Malaysia makes a contribution of Euro20,000/= for Flood Relief efforts in Pakistan

In early July 2022, heavy rains and flash floods claimed lives in various parts of Pakistan with more than 312 lives lost, 298 injured, 10,478 houses damaged. Hundreds of kilometers of roads were destroyed and bridges and shops damaged. The majority of the damages were reported from Balochistan and Karachi.  

Monsoon continued with full swing spells, a wave of death and destruction continued to wash over Pakistan. From the heights of the Himalayas to the shores of the Arabian Sea, floods triggered by heavy rainfall continue to wreak havoc. In various parts of the country, many houses and villages were submerged, power supply suspended, standing crops and infrastructure damaged and many remote areas cut off  from the rest of the population. 

As of September, some 33 million people have been affected in 116 of the country’s 160 districts and 80 districts were declared as a calamity hit. Over 1,057,388 homes, 243 bridges and over 5,063 kilometers of roads have been damaged and over 730,483 livestock have been lost. The disaster became national calamity and the government of Pakistan declared a national emergency. These consequences will have a lasting impact on the most vulnerable among the population.

The relief project was launched in a completely different scenario, with severe flooding affecting a single province for the most part. The situation has worsened in the last weeks, with a significant death toll, injuries and damages to homes and infrastructure. The initial Rapid Response Appeal launched by Caritas Pakistan through Caritas Internationalis, is now revised and upscaled to respond to the significant rise in the numbers of areas and people affected by the floods. 

Caritas Malaysia joins other Caritas bodies from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Scotland, and the Netherlands to pledge financial support for the relief efforts of Caritas Pakistan. 

Caritas Internationalis points out that with the ongoing war in Ukraine and outflow of refugees, funds available to assist in emergency relief situations have taken a hit.  Relief efforts are often underfunded. This is true for Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and others, despite the fact that these too are major crises. 

Caritas Malaysia stands in solidarity with the affected peoples of Pakistan and remembers them in our prayers. 


Caritas brings Relief for Long house families affected by fire at Belaga

Photos by Caritas Miri, jointly with other caritas. Thanks so much everyone, for your continuous prayers, love and support. May God continue to grant our people in Uma Sambop, Belaga (Holy Cross Parish) comfort, strength and peace. 

Note: Statue of St Therese of Child Jesus

Bishop Bernard calls for faithfulness and obedience to the Holy Spirit

May 1, 2022 – Read more on page 3…

Monfort Youth Centre

As Catholic Institution following Montfort, called by the Love of God and Humanity, the Monfort Youth Centre commits to the holistic development of youth, in the fast changing and multi-cultural society, by affording them with needed skills for effective living.

The Montfort Youth Centre based in Melaka, is a fully residential institution and caters for youths from 16 to 19 years old.  It offers a 2-year programme for youths, where they are given the opportunity to be trained in vocational skills and character formation to become better contributing citizens for the nation and to maximize their potential. Montfort Youth Centre Melaka provides: –

  • Residential Care to Orphans and Youths from Poor and Underprivileged Families,
  • Social Work & Counselling Service to Youths Under the Organisation’s Care,
  • General Education and Training in Industrial Skills to Youths and Prepare Them for Gainful Employment.

Click to view website

Crisis in Ukraine

The toll of the first month of the war in Ukraine is at least 2,421 civilian victims, 3,389,044 refugees – including at least 1.5 million children – and nearly 6.5 million internally displaced persons. Caritas Internationalis continues to sustain the two Ukrainian Caritas organisations – Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Spes-Ukraine – that had stood by the people from the very first moments and have never abandoned them. Click for the latest news updates.


Gesture of Solidarity from Caritas Hong Kong

Dear friends in Caritas Malaysia,

Your brothers here in HK have learnt from the news that Malaysia is suffering from the worst floods ever in these days and the death toll is on the rise.

As a small gesture to show our concern, Fr. Joseph Yim, Chief Executive of Caritas – Hong Kong has asked me to prepare a small token for remittance to your side in these two days.

On behalf of colleagues in Hong Kong, may I wish colleagues in Caritas Malaysia a very merry Christmas and a blessed 2022.


Best wishes,

Santiago Chuen
Caritas – Hong Kong.

Note: As of 10 January 2022, we received confirmation that Caritas Hong Kong had contributed US10,000/= to the National Relief Fund for local relief efforts.

From Prayer to Action

A celebration of the world day of the poor and world youth day

Caritas’ Internationalis has created a new and exciting initiative to celebrate the World Day of the Poor and World Youth Day!        

This week of prayer and action, which we have called ‘From Prayer to Action: A Celebration of the World Day of the Poor and World Youth Day’, brings together the contribution of all seven  regions, and will be animated by Caritas Youth from 13-21 November.     

This initiative will combine the themes of the 2021 World Day of the Poor (‘The Poor you will always have with you’) and World Youth Day (‘Arise! I have appointed you as a witness of what you have seen’), and will guide you through daily short prayers and reflections about how you see the poor in our world and in your life, followed by simple yet profound ideas to turn your reflections and prayers into action so that you can ‘be a witness of what you have seen’.     

The week’s events began (13 November) with a Virtual Vigil to help us to centre ourselves in prayer to prepare for the World Day of the Poor (  Then, Sunday 14 November a Holy Mass for the World Day of the Poor (  This beautiful Mass has been pieced together using video contributions from Caritas Youth from all seven Caritas regions, and features a Homily by Cardinal Tagle.  Both of these videos, along with the rest of the materials that we have created for this initiative, can be found in an easy-to-follow calendar at      

Heinous crime against humanity
13 June 2021, The Borneo Post

Human trafficking threatens not only individuals, but also foundational values of society — Caritas Sibu
BETWEEN 15th century and 19th century, it was estimated that about 13 million people had been captured and sold as slaves. This practice still exists, but in its modern-day form – human trafficking. It is estimated that today, over 40 million people are victims of human trafficking, according to data from United Nations’ International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Walk Free Foundation. It is undeniable that human trafficking exists in almost every corner of the world, including Malaysia …

KUALA LUMPUR: Caritas Malaysia is the office for the promotion of the social mission of the Catholic Church of Malaysia. It  consists of the Caritas/Human  Development offices of all nine  dioceses in Sabah, Sarawak and  Peninsular Malaysia. On Monday, June 7, Caritas  Malaysia organised a Zoom meeting with the diocesan offices …

KUALA LUMPUR: “Much of the negative attitude among Malaysians today can be understood through the ‘broken windows’ effect – where the sense that no one cares perpetuates further indifference and negativity. This is visible when looking at the social condition and facilities around low-cost housing.” …

KUALA LUMPUR: Caritas Malaysia is organising a six-month online Community Development (CD) course to build the capacity  of staff, volunteers, parish coordinators and  local community leaders in Integral Human Development work. The practice of community-based development is gaining traction  globally as it engages the people to participate, share their gifts and resources, as well  as take responsibility for the improvement of  their lives and communities …

This is a sharing from one of the participants of the Pastoral Spiral session organised by Caritas Malaysia on April 24, 2021. “I went from a lukewarm listener to an enthusiastic participant, and after three hours, I  was converted.” That was one of the reasons that prompted me  to write this. Prior to this session, Caritas to me  was just one of the many church-based organisations that oversee the Catholic teachings of the  Church. However, that took a 180-degree turn after attending a community development course on  Pastoral Spiral, see-judge-act by Caritas Malaysia. There were three speakers and the topics  were equally interesting but it was the first topic that struck me the most, an overview of social problems in Malaysia …




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