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From Prayer to Action

A celebration of the world day of the poor and world youth day

Caritas’ Internationalis has created a new and exciting initiative to celebrate the World Day of the Poor and World Youth Day!        

This week of prayer and action, which we have called ‘From Prayer to Action: A Celebration of the World Day of the Poor and World Youth Day’, brings together the contribution of all seven  regions, and will be animated by Caritas Youth from 13-21 November.     

This initiative will combine the themes of the 2021 World Day of the Poor (‘The Poor you will always have with you’) and World Youth Day (‘Arise! I have appointed you as a witness of what you have seen’), and will guide you through daily short prayers and reflections about how you see the poor in our world and in your life, followed by simple yet profound ideas to turn your reflections and prayers into action so that you can ‘be a witness of what you have seen’.     

The week’s events began (13 November) with a Virtual Vigil to help us to centre ourselves in prayer to prepare for the World Day of the Poor (  Then, Sunday 14 November a Holy Mass for the World Day of the Poor (  This beautiful Mass has been pieced together using video contributions from Caritas Youth from all seven Caritas regions, and features a Homily by Cardinal Tagle.  Both of these videos, along with the rest of the materials that we have created for this initiative, can be found in an easy-to-follow calendar at      

Heinous crime against humanity
13 June 2021, The Borneo Post

Human trafficking threatens not only individuals, but also foundational values of society — Caritas Sibu
BETWEEN 15th century and 19th century, it was estimated that about 13 million people had been captured and sold as slaves. This practice still exists, but in its modern-day form – human trafficking. It is estimated that today, over 40 million people are victims of human trafficking, according to data from United Nations’ International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Walk Free Foundation. It is undeniable that human trafficking exists in almost every corner of the world, including Malaysia …

KUALA LUMPUR: Caritas Malaysia is the office for the promotion of the social mission of the Catholic Church of Malaysia. It  consists of the Caritas/Human  Development offices of all nine  dioceses in Sabah, Sarawak and  Peninsular Malaysia. On Monday, June 7, Caritas  Malaysia organised a Zoom meeting with the diocesan offices …

KUALA LUMPUR: “Much of the negative attitude among Malaysians today can be understood through the ‘broken windows’ effect – where the sense that no one cares perpetuates further indifference and negativity. This is visible when looking at the social condition and facilities around low-cost housing.” …

KUALA LUMPUR: Caritas Malaysia is organising a six-month online Community Development (CD) course to build the capacity  of staff, volunteers, parish coordinators and  local community leaders in Integral Human Development work. The practice of community-based development is gaining traction  globally as it engages the people to participate, share their gifts and resources, as well  as take responsibility for the improvement of  their lives and communities …

This is a sharing from one of the participants of the Pastoral Spiral session organised by Caritas Malaysia on April 24, 2021. “I went from a lukewarm listener to an enthusiastic participant, and after three hours, I  was converted.” That was one of the reasons that prompted me  to write this. Prior to this session, Caritas to me  was just one of the many church-based organisations that oversee the Catholic teachings of the  Church. However, that took a 180-degree turn after attending a community development course on  Pastoral Spiral, see-judge-act by Caritas Malaysia. There were three speakers and the topics  were equally interesting but it was the first topic that struck me the most, an overview of social problems in Malaysia …




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